30 April, 2020: 1st Online Live Intl MINEC KNIGHTS SUMMIT

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April 21, 2020

? Full DAY LIVE WEBINAR: 1st Online Live International MINEC KNIGHTS SUMMIT 2020

? Thursday, April 30 2020

⏰ 09:30-19:00 Heure Locale Tunis (GMT+1)

? SPEAKERS 12 Keynote Speakers / 3 Moderators / 12Nationalities

With the current global crisis due to widespread pandemic that has reached all parts of our planet, the GDTC in collaboration with MINEC Knights & Ambassadors and AIE decided to gather 12 of its finest educators from 12 different nationalities for the first time to engage you in a one-of-a-kind online educational experience! This amazing collaboration will provide a unique and special educational opportunity for clinicians and students at all levels. The live stream will air for over 7 hours on April the 30th starting from 9:30 am till 6:30pm. The webinars will be broadcast over three separate sessions according to three different topics: Soft Tissue, Hard Tissue, and Digital Workflows. Each session includes four speakers; who will give a twenty-five-minute presentation each, and an expert moderator who will eventually help expedite the discussion and sort the answers to the questions of the attendees afterwards.
Achraf Souayah, DDS & Isaac Tawill, DDS

? Program Planning
Session 1: Soft Tissue Management
Session 2: Hard Tissue Management
Session 3: Digital Workflow

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