(2-14 April, 2020) India Chesa Academy

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April 9, 2020

Chesa Academy - The Web Series Edition

Bored in Quarantine? We present a productive and interesting way to invest your time!!!

Let’s Improve your knowledge| Sharpen your skills | Network and engage with peers

Chesa has taken this initiative to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing on various interesting topics in Dentistry - Keeping in mind the convenience of the whole Dental Community

Listen to and interact with insightful and knowledgable speakers - Learn from their experiences during this program and look out for key points to further improve your practice

Topics will range from Dental Implants to Intra Oral Scanners to Digital Dentistry to Laser Dentistry and much more!!!

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps!

?Watch our for our Webinar Schedule
?Register on the registration platform -
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?Access your Whatsapp or email ID for the webinar link!!
We almost forgot, the last and most important step

?Log in - Learn - Enjoy!

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