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MegaGen implants are used in over 100 countries worldwide!

Clinical evidence is increasingly showing the benefits of MegaGen implants for both clinicians & patients.
Importantly, the biological design of MegaGen implants preserves precious cortical bone, minimizes damage to existing tissues, provides the best implant stability during the early stages of healing, and ensures faster and long-lasting osseointegration due to a unique surface treatment process.

MegaGen implants, offering new smiles faster than ever!

"MegaGen's AnyRidge macro design caught my eye first. The amazing concept behind it, the connection and surface convinced me. Ever since I tried it I haven't used other brands (I've used other big brands products for 10 years).
The system is quite easy and intuitive, uses the same connection for all diameters (reducing the stock needed in the office, sterilization/storage errors and it is easy for the staff to process).
The bone level stability and soft tissue response on the long run are truly incredible and ISQ and torque levels achieved, makes immediate placement and loading quite predictable.
And to make thing better the company's philosophy and client engagement is quite different from all the others brands I've worked with. You get involved!
AnRidge truly works in any ridge, with anyone."

Dr. Bruno LeitaoPortugal

I chose to use Megagen because it presents an innovative and versatile system such as Anyridge, which is suitable for all bone type. The possibility of using a reduced implant diameter (3,5mm) in any dental region permits the fixture to be positioned even where the bone space is reduced. The fact that Anyridge has a large thread system allows the obtaining of an excellent primary stability in any type of bone, even in the postero-superior jaw which has usually a D3/D4 density. Moreover, what I like most about Megagen is the familiar environment that is created with its managers and colleagues during congresses and meetings.
Best regards,

Dr. Alessandro PerucchiSwitzerland

Why did I choose Megagen AnyRidge implants?
Simply because they represent the best choice in modern implant-prosthetic care plans.
Are you planning rehabilitation with post-extraction or immediate-load implants? With Megagen AR you can do it knowing you always get high primary stability, in all bone qualities.
The absence of stress or compression on the bone during implant placement and the presence of abutments with s-line profile for the optimization of the quality and quantity of soft tissue around the prosthetic crowns, are two important aspects in the will to choose a biology-guided implantology. And all this, in my opinion, makes the real clinical difference between Megagen AnyRidge and other systems on the market.
The technical and technological support guaranteed by Megagen is also a further advantage for the clinician, with many kits and operating tools to simplify and make surgery less invasive.
Looking to the future with guided surgery solutions and the continuing education program with local and international cultural events are a further stimulus for one's professional and human growth.
For these reasons I have chosen to be part of the Megagen family and to be one of its MINEC knights!

Dr. Christian MontiSwitzerland

Dr. Park you made it so simple and great!
I probably was the first dentist in Albania to place Megagen AnyRidge implant and since then I found the perfect solution for any type of situation. I love the philosophy of the company to adapt the product to the situation and not vice versa!
Megagen has changed the way I practice every day implantology but most important has improved not only my patients’ smiles but their quality of life adding self-confidence and happiness.
If you are looking for value for money, predictable outcomes and best mentors support, Megagen AnyRidge implant is the best system and is highly recommended!

Dr. Alesio BocariAlbania

Implantology has come a long way in the last decades. Dental implants have become the preferred modality for replacing a single tooth over fixed or removable appliances. We are in the age of the “death of the 3 unit bridge”.
Choosing the right implant and company to partner for Implantology is not a choice made by finances but rather a choice based on what is ideal for our patients. After placing many different implants in my career I’ve chosen MegaGen as my surgical partner for my patients. Innovative tools and techniques have separated MegaGen from other companies. Preservation of hard and soft tissues had been the focus of the company providing my patients a better less invasive surgical experience.
The digital era is upon us. MegaGen R2 has moved to the forefront with its easy to use software and even easier to operate surgical kits and guides. The “one day implant” has truly become possible and predictable using the R2 gate system.
These innovations are not purchased as with other companies, rather they stem from the top of the organization and work its way through the heart of MegaGen. Founded by a dentist who continues tirelessly to improve Implantology for his own patients and for ours. MegaGen is a company I can trust for the best of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Isaac TawilUSA

There is no question that successful implant dentistry is dependent on the clinician’s ability to diagnose and treatment plan properly to appreciate potential implant receptor sites. Cone Beam CT has provided amazing insights into patient’s anatomy to enhance this diagnostic process. Yet, it was not until MegaGen’s innovative AnyRidge design that a clinician could match an implant with the patient’s anatomical presentation for improved initial stability. The digital workflow was further improved with the addition of R2GATE software and the R2GATE guided surgical drill kit… The combination of innovative thread design, platform shifting prosthetics, surface technology, ability for faster loading, and integration of digital solutions is why MegaGen is a top tier implant company....

Dr. Scott D GanzUSA

I have routinely used 2 or 3 different implant brands and designs in my practice to cater for the specific case in hand. Some were better in the aesthetic zone, others were better for full arch cases, while some were better designed for posterior teeth and overdentures. The downsides to this are the inventory we had to keep in stock were huge.
Megagen’s Anyridge implant system is a true breakthrough in design on a macro, micro and nano level that it simply caters for EVERY case. I get excellent primary stability in virtually all situations and bone types, whether in immediate extraction, grafted or soft bone so I’m able to immediately load most cases.
For me, Anyridge is the only system I’ve ever used that ticks all the boxes.

Dr. Zaki KanaanUK

Hello, I’m Davide Farronato, researcher from University of Insubria and private clinician in Italy, is a pleasure to me to tell you about my personal experience with Mega’Gen. Everything begun more than ten ago, I was desperately looking for short implants to solve a complex case in the posterior mandible with very little amount of bone and, surfing the web, I found the Rescue implant. I become a user of what I considered, at that time, a special implant. Results were clinically great, without the typical bone resorption that in those years you may find surrounding the implant, and new opportunity of complex case with simple resolution set me in a positive relationship as customer. In 2011 I was speaker for a different company and one time, after giving a lecture in an international symposium, I stopped at the Mega’Gen desk. Since I had many documented cases on Resque I offered that documentation for their speaker or for the company brochures, I didn’t need that material; I was totally expecting nothing and nothing I asked in exchange. It just came up as those casualties that change a bit your life, like a butterfly effect. The dealers, after seeing my cases, called the coordinator of the lecturing activity of the company and, simply, I was asked to build a presentation few weeks ahead for a course that they were keeping. Both delighted and surprised I did it and the feedback was positive, the title was “short implants in the posterior atrophic jaws”. From that moment Mega’Gen Italy asked me more and more presentations and topics, I was delighted with the highly motivating events and opportunities. Few years later I received a call from one of the boss of Mega’Gen Italy, Filippo, and he just told “In two weeks you have to go to Korea, Daegu”. No explanation, no economical compensation, just like that. It was July 2013, period of prosthetic delivery in the office, the end of all the works before the big holidays (we Italians are well known for this), those special months when you earn 3-4 times the average, and that trip would have kept me away one week from the office, what means a huge loss in money and very angry patients. Beside I just had my second kid, Riccardo, he wasn’t yet three months, and the first one, Greta, was almost two years old. My wife, Cristina, was still recovering from the giving of the birth and I definitely was in a difficult situation. It was she, brave and strong beautiful woman, that pushed me to go, blessed her! With a big stone in my heart I departed for Daegu, Korea and met Dr. Park, Sian and few more guys, five, coming from around Europe. Those were the exhausting days, due to the training and the parties, I’ll never forget. Intense and fulfilled with tasks. Only at the end of those days, the visionary Dr. Park explained his plans for us: the MegaGen International Network of Education and clinical Research (MINEC) that in those days was founded. Since that day to now I gave more than 180 presentations in 32 countries. The MINEC team developed into hundreds of speakers from any side of the planet and the “senior” become first MINEC Knight and, after, “Ambassadors”, as an elegant recognition of their contribution. The vision was producing its effect and, personally, this massive experience I made helped me developing skills, renewing motivation for the hard work of documenting and lecturing, plane after plane, hotel after hotel. This had happened to all of us, the original MINEC, as we say, and we all grew, building strong friendship and trust. The spirit that Sian promoted in us was a positive competition, working together, building events together, helping each other as brothers and, why not, drinking and having fun (a lot) together. This is the spirit that pervades this special group, now wide and planetary distributed, but still based on loyalty, on sharing and friendship. That’s why we call us the MINEC family, not because of economic interest, not because, after this, you become “famous”, but because we trust what we do, and we love doing that. The better thing in this story is that nobody never ever asked me to say something on the stage, I’ve always been free to show and say just what I believed in, in the name of truth. The products from Mega’Gen definitely changed my style as implantologist and prosthodontist, making everything more simple, more predictable, more safe and making more things possible wherever before were not. Dr. Park, Sian and the whole Mega’Gen team, always friendly and kind, gave me the opportunity to grow, and my life has changed. Patients follow my activity and they feel proud that it is me taking care of them, as well as I exchange the same feeling. By the way, my wife still loves me, despite my more than 100’000 miles per year on planes, my kids are growing in a family based on love, and she’s my hero, because nothing of this would have happened if she wasn’t so smart, strong and lovely.

Dr. Davide FarronatoItaly

I’m Dr. Mitsias Miltias from Athens, Greece. My trip with MegaGen has been at least 11 years so far and I have to tell you that it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been using MegaGen for many years even before the era of AnyRidge that completely changed my practice, my philosophy. I mastered minimally invasive surgery and actually this is something very important because this has influence to all of us in everyday practicing. Now as years have evolved, MegaGen grew up and now has become a really powerful force throughout implant dentistry worldwide, it is an international player that not only helps us out but most innovative company right now in the market. Lately MegaGen has been helping us a lot with the Root Membrane Technique by manufacturing and providing Root Membrane Kits that helps all the different clinicians worldwide because the technique has kind of sensitivity. On the other hand, something that keeps us very strong is the family. The family of MegaGen- all the different clinicians and dentists over the world became good friends and these people are tremendously good and talented. Also, I would like to underline the role of MINEC. I had the honor to be a starter back in 2013 and now I’m honored to be a MINEC ambassador. I have to say that this has become a key role player in the entire situation. Now through MINEC, we can share information. It’s fantastic to go to airport and call other friends for coffee let’s say, and travel to other places and to share information with each other. Now the latest thing that I am personally trying to do is to create this research group and continue to do Root Membrane Technique or even other techniques that we all have evolved throughout the years. I would like to thank MegaGen, Dr. Park, and all the other people behind. I would like to say that I am very proud to belong in this family.

Dr. Mitsias MiltiadisGreece

Why did I join MINEC & MegaGen is that we have a big family first of all and second of all, that all the MegaGen concept goes around the most biologically driven philosophy. Me as a surgeon, as a biologically driven decision making professional, I must follow those biological rules and basically MINEC and MegaGen family give me and bring me what I am asking for and everything I am expecting. So I really thank MINEC & MegaGen for opportunity to join in this beautiful family.

Dr. Nicolas Aronna MalliaSpain

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