Get Your Lost Tooth
On the Day of Surgery!

Recover function & aesthetics immediately!

ONE-DAY IMPLANTTM simultaneously restores function & esthetics during the surgical phase of treatment

As our teeth are closely related with the quality and function of our daily lives, immediate replacement is the ideal solution when teeth are damaged.

ONE-DAY IMPLANTTM is the answer.


Elderly patients with weak bone can also benefit from new teeth on the day of surgery with ONE-DAY IMPLANTTM

Long-term treatment is inconvenient and more invasive.

Restore your teeth with confidence using the most advanced digital implant surgery, ONE-DAY IMPLANTTM

What is One-Day Implant™

ONE-DAY IMPLANT™ is the most advanced implant technique developed by combining the advantages of MegaGen's implant systems with MegaGen's advanced digital technology (R2GATE®).

ONE-DAY IMPLANT™ is a digitalized implant procedure that uses cutting-edge digital technology to combine implant diagnosis, surgery, and prosthetics.

ONE-DAY IMPLANT™ minimizes the treatment time by completing the implant placement and delivering the prosthesis on the day of surgery.

3D virtual surgery is used to determine the best treatment method and implant placement path, resulting in a safe implant procedure with no incision using a patient-customized surgical guide made by a 3D printer.

A patient-customized prosthesis is then delivered on the day of surgery to restore natural-looking teeth immediately.


  • less failure
  • more accurate surgery
    via 3D virtual surgery


  • less pain
  • faster recovery due to flapless surgery


  • less time
  • more natural looking
  • healthier surrounding tissues due to customized abutment


  • Get your new teeth on the day of surgery!

Use of Advanced Technologies

Virtual surgery using digital diagnostic software program

The position, angle, and size of an implant can be simulated in the 3D virtual surgery which helps to perform more accurate surgery.

Possible risk factors, such as nerve damage, are also considered to improve the safety of the actual surgery.

Flapless surgery using surgical guide made with 3D printer

Based on the virtual surgery diagnosis, a patient-customized surgical guide made with a 3D printer is used for accurate implant placement without cutting the gums.

This means less pain and bleeding, less swelling after surgery, and a faster recovery.

Implant placement & prosthesis restoration as planned without a tolerance of <1mm

The implant positions and shapes of the final teeth are placed as planned with a tolerance of <1mm, guaranteeing the function and esthetics of the teeth for a long time.

Incorrectly placed implants are unable to support occlusal forces (chewing forces), resulting in bone loss and peri-implantitis, which shorten the life of the implants.

Immediate recovery of functionality & aesthetics

Patient-customized temporary teeth are delivered before surgery. These temporary teeth, made by state-of-the-art CAD / CAM systems using the best materials, are biocompatible and beautiful, ensuring sufficient strength and esthetics until the final prosthesis is made.

10 reasons to recommend
One-Day Implant™

Flapless surgery → minimal bleeding & minimal surgery
Possible to place prosthetics on day of surgery
Minimized number of patient visits
Less time & swelling, plus fast recovery
Applicable to elderly patients with weak bone
Improved safety by pre-considering all risk factors, such as nerve damage
Accurate implant placement ensures high implant stability, high success rate, and long-term survival
Minimized crown breakage due to abutment design that is similar to natural tooth
Customized zirconia abutment maintains healthy soft tissue by preventing germ adherence
Maintains similar smile line to natural teeth, even when soft tissue around implant recedes after implant treatment
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