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Why MegaGen implants?

MegaGen Implant has a rich history of developing innovative implant solutions that provide superior surgical performance, and has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of world-class dental implant systems.

As well as MegaGen Implant has the largest implant manufacturing facility in Asia and incorporates all the latest high tech to develop and produce medical devices from dental implants, bone grafts, instruments and unit chairs to customized-for patient medical devices using CAD/CAM design and 3D printing.


Why MegaGen implants?

Listening to & working with dental professionals around the world, MegaGen never stops innovating, researching, developing, and creating new dental solutions

Education, hands-on experience, and clinical evidence are also critical for every new MegaGen product and technique


Why MegaGen implants?

MegaGen implant systems offer a range of solutions to cover every condition and indication, allowing the best and most effective result for each patient

The benefits of MegaGen implants are especially evident when considering immediate loading

Based on extensive clinical results, MegaGen’s new loading protocols allow patients to recover their smile faster than ever

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While other implants are gray…
MegaGen implants are BLUE!

This beautiful BLUE is a natural reaction & represents our unique guarantees:
SAFE clean implant surface with no acid residue
FAST & LONGLASTING integration with your natural bone
STRONG implants

Discover BlueImplant® in your dental clinic!

Trusted Quality Award 2017-2021
From the Clean Implant Foundation

MegaGen’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality implants, and this Trusted Quality Award is the confirmation of our commitment,
For more information about the Clean Implant Foundation, please visit

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Completely clean implant surface with no acid residue

MegaGen implants turn BLUE because of a natural chemical reaction when Ca2+ ions are added to the implant surface to accelerate bone growth (osseointegration) around the implant.

Importantly, any acid residue from the preceding SLA surface treatment shows up as white powder on the BLUE implant surface, resulting in immediate elimination during MegaGen’s 100% quality check.

As a result, MegaGen’s BlueImplants have received the Trusted Quality Award for 5 consecutive years (2017 – 2021), giving you complete peace of mind.

Clean Implant Foundation is an independent German implant quality inspection organization:

Faster & Long-lasting

Xpeed® - unique surface treatment technology

Xpeed changes the implant surface from gray to BLUE by incorporating Ca2+ ions into the implant surface to stimulate bone growth around the implant.

After implantation, the Ca2+-rich layer attracts PO43 ions, creating an apatite layer that promotes mineralization and accelerates bone formation and longlasting osseointegration.

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KnifeThread® - round faced & narrow thread design

BlueImplants require minimal bone removal due to their special thread design and narrow neck.

Plus, the higher bone implant contact (BIC) strengthens the initial stability, even in soft bone, allowing immediate placement and even immediate loading.

Nothing compares!

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