Key Advantages

  • Excellent 2-piece solution for maxillary lateral incisors & mandible anterior
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive surgical procedure
  • Excellent esthetics
MiNi™, but mighty

In comparative tests, MiNi™ Ø3.0 showed similar compressive strength, while MiNi™ Ø3.25 showed much higher wall strength

Fixture Lineup

Overdenture type
Minimizes drilling sequence with 1-step insertion

MiNi™ Kit Options
  • Instruments for MiNi system are all included in AnyRidge & AnyOne surgical kits
  • Purchase 6 instruments separately for MiNi system
  • Purchase MiNi & Advanced Intermezzo surgical kit
KnifeThread ®

Special thread design & super self-tapping create better initial stability in any compromised bone situation.

This distinctive design enables bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance, & minimized shear force production.¹

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- Strong
- Faster
- Safer

To promote secondary stability, all MiNi fixtures have a special extra surface coating called Xpeed. This unique hydro-thermal incorporation of calcium ions has already been proven to activate osteoblasts and accelerate osseointegration, essential for secondary stability.4,5 Plus, Xpeed provides an important quality check to avoid any acid residue (BLUE means NO acid residue!)2,3

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  • Do not use torque wrench
  • Max uniform strength of hex is 50Ncm
  • Do not exceed 75Ncm
  1. McCullough JJ , Klokkevold PR The effect of implant thread design on implant stability in the early post-operative period
  2. S.-Y. Lee, The cytocompatability and osseointegration of Ti implants with Xpeed surfaces
  3. F.G. Mangano Early bone formation around immediately loaded implants with nanostructured calcium-incorproated and machined surface: a randomized controlled histologic and histophometric study in human posterior maxilla