Key Advantages

  • One-piece solution for narrow ridge & anterior teeth
  • Double-connection post design solves chronic problem with existing one-piece products
  • Guide slot provides better feeling of identification & correction
Design Concept

Double connection drastically reduces sticking phenomenon between fixture & connector, a chronic problem with existing one-piece products

Guide slot provides better feeling for identification & correction

Location of hex in lower section of post enables placement & removal even if post is partially eliminated

Check line allows prediction of fixture depth & confirmation of correct connection with prosthetics

Concave cuff facilitates beautiful & healthy papillary line

Narrow neck design (smaller than maximum diameter of thread part) allows adjustable implant placement depth according to clinical situation

KnifeThread® & cutting edge provide smooth insertion

S-L-A surface with pure grade 4 titanium (cold worked) contributes to fast bone formation, high torsion rate, & good long-term BIC rate

Fixture Depth Guide
Advanced Intermezzo™ Kit Options
  • Instruments for Advanced Intermezzo system are all included in AnyRidge & AnyOne surgical kits
  • Purchase 4 instruments separately for Advanced Intermezzo system
  • Purchase MiNi & Advanced Intermezzo surgical kit
Drilling Protocol
KnifeThread ®

Special thread design & super self-tapping create better initial stability in any compromised bone situation.

This distinctive design enables bone condensing & gentle ridge expansion, while maximizing resistance to compressive force & minimizing the production of shear force.1

+ Discover more about KnifeThread®
  1. McCullough JJ , Klokkevold PR The effect of implant thread design on implant stability in the early post-operative period