Synergistic effects of
R2 STUDIO™ + R2GATE Digital Oral Design

  • New digital standard for treating complex cases using ONE device & ONE software
  • Collection & digitization of patient data in ONE step
  • Minimized treatment time as no need for face bow, lab-mounting, or manual wax-up
  • Provision of highly esthetic & precise prosthetics
R2STUDIO digital work flow


Data Collection

  • CBCT
  • Face scan
  • Impression scan


Starting Point

  • CBCT reorientation
  • Natural head position
  • 3D facial matching


Digital Oral Design

  • Facial pattern analysis
  • Maxillary anterior teeth position


Data Transfer

  • Digital face bow
  • Digital occlusal table



  • Full wax-up
  • Mock-up printing
  • Prep guide
  • Implant guide
  • ONE-DAY teeth
  • Digital prosthesis
Data Collection (10 mins)


  • Broad 20x20 FOV to create virtual patient
  • 6 sec for 20 x 20 CBCT scanning
  • Light-guided flexible FOV control

3D Facial Scan

  • 3D depth camera (1280x720)
  • Independent photo-taking module
  • 5sec for full-size facial scanning
  • 1800x848 full-size 3D file (OBJ format)

Object (impression) Scan

  • Handy scan process
  • 20sec for impression scanning
  • Auto STL converting process
  • Easy to export model file (Open STL format)
Set Starting Point
  • Find mid-sagittal plane as starting point
  • Align head position with Frankfort Horizontal (FH) plane or natural head position
  • Match 3D facial scan with aligned CBCT to complete digital patient
Digital Oral Design

Use facial pattern analysis to determine:

  • optimal position of maxillary central incisors
  • teeth size
  • smile line
  • arch form
  • occlusion plan
Digital Face-bow & Mounting
  • Find real condyle position using CBCT data
  • Record 3D coordination between condyle & patient maxillae

To complete prosthesis design:

  • determine angulation & size of occlusal table
  • export to STL file that is compatible with CAD software

Data from R2GATE® digital oral design is used by dental technician to complete CAD design & digitally fabricate esthetic & functional prostheses

  • Implant guides & full-mouth reconstructions
  • Laminates in esthetic zone
  • Mock-up designs & printing
  • Crown lengthening & gingivectomy
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