Various height of healing abutment and cover screw

should be prepared to allow a one or two phase surgical approach according to the situation.

Lingual Extension

should be considered for a large defect.

Need to have at least 1mm of space above the platform of a fixture: Make this space with a pre-existing abutment, eg, Flat abutment…

horizontal extension needed to make >2mm labial bone after remodeling.

100° blunt angle

with bevel should be made to avoid soft tissue irritation.


shrinkage will occur after removal membrane.

Apical skirt

should be adapted to the bone

Ideal regeneration line

Go beyond the limits of Collagen Membrane

Any location, Any Size & Any Situation for GBR, i-Gen ensures regenerating minimum 2.5mm buccal bone. The regenerating of more than 2.5mm of buccal bone to minimize bone loss after GBR and maximize the life of implant.

Pre-Shaped Design

To avoid the inconvenience of modeling titanium membrane in the clinic, i-Gen has 12 pre-formed sizes in varying shapes.

Superior initial stability makes a perfect match for GBR using i-Gen membrane

AnyRidge can be placed in any ridge thanks to its knife thread. AnyRidge Knife thread has perfect stability in Regenerated bone.