Impression Material

Reasonable Price
High Quality

Light Body

  1. Remarkably uniform smoothness highly thixotropic Light Body of the prevents running in the mouth.
  2. Excellent hydrophilicity and ideal flowability give Light Body delicate a reproducibility enable precision modeling.
  3. High elasticity and tear strength guarantees a safety while dental impression.
  4. High affinity with plaster enables accurate modeling.

Heavy Body

  1. Smooth mixing and injection reduce fatigue for the user.
  2. Free from taste and scent, Heavy Body prevents excessive patient salivation.
  3. High elasticity enables easy removal with no deformation after curing thanks to correct hardness.
  4. Thixotropic – does not slide from a tray.
  5. High affinity of plaster enables an accurate modeling.

Bite registration

  1. Reinforced hardness and least transformational change to guarantee accurate positioning during mounting. (Shore-A-hardness of 93)
  2. Provides sufficient time 30 seconds to imprint the entire mandibular arch.
  3. Short time to produce imprinted model for 90 seconds hardening time.
  4. Provides most accurate bite form with minimum mouth irritation.
  5. Less transformational change which prevents re-movement after usage.