Key Advantages

  • Optimum transgingival cuff enables successful 1-stage surgery
  • Single prosthetic connection for all fixture sizes (8° internal 3.1 Octa connection)
AnyOne® for any implantologist and any patient

Offering a better experience for both dentists & patients

For dentists: convenient implant placement, strong initial stability, excellent soft & hard tissue response, & shorter overall treatment time
For patients: minimally invasive surgery with less pain, shorter healing time, & better esthetic results

Variety of fixtures for predictable initial stability

Wide selection of diameters (Ø3.5 to Ø6.0) & lengths (7mm to15mm) for all bone conditions
Plus, 2 thread depths (same core diameter)

Regular thread for easy placement in hard bone (D1 D2) ∅3.5, ∅4.0, ∅4.5, ∅5.0

Deep thread for higher initial stability in soft bone (D3 D4) ∅4.5, ∅5.0

KnifeThread ®

Special thread design & super self-tapping create better initial stability in any compromised bone situation.

This distinctive design enables bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance, & minimized shear force production.1

+ Discover more about KnifeThread®
Simplified drilling sequence for predictable initial stability
Drilling sequence guide
All fixture sizes have same Octa prosthetic connection with 8° internal hex connection
  • Flexible choices for all cases
  • Compatible with ExFeel internal prosthetics
  • Compatible with small or regular-size ITI abutments
  1. McCullough JJ , Klokkevold PR The effect of implant thread design on implant stability in the early post-operative period