Mega-Oss BovineTM

  1. Xenograft
  2. Features
  • Mega-Oss BovineTM is chemically, as well as structurally, comparable to mineralized human bone (nanocrystalline natural apatite).It is available in granule form. It is supplied sterile and is dedicated for single-use.
  • The best internal surface area(88.2m²/g) in the world, which is more than 10% of other products. Bone chips are remained after bone grafting and the volume is not reduced, which can increase the rate of bone formation and bone mass.
  • Low temperature manufacturing process brings the result of high purity re nement/ and excellent consistency. When saline is hydrated, it is well-organized and not easily crushed, so the satisfaction of the practitioner is very high.
  • Mega-Oss BovineTM is a natural hydroxyapatite bone grafting material derived from Australia Bovine (BSE free).