MEG Engine® III

The Original Technology from W&H

Simple for a stable implant
The automatic torque control offers you support in the safe insertion of implants.
Thread cutter function stress free healing
Use the automatic thread cutter function to insert implants in hard bone. The thread cutter function prevents excessive compression of the bone when inserting the implant.
Powerful Electric motor
With this powerful electric motor even difficult implantological procedures no longer demand great strengh
Fatigue – free operation
In combination the short motor and the ergonomically shaped contra-angle handpiece are perfectly balanced. You can work for long periods without fatigue or cramp in your hand.

MEG Engine® III

Your reliable partner in implantology!


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic thread cutter function

Contra-angle Handpiece

The surgical contra-angle handpieces with mini LED+ and generator.

WS-75L G (20:1)

  • Mini LED+ and generator
  • Single Spray (Kirschner/Meyer)
  • Maximum drive speed: 40,000 min-1

Electric Motor

Electric motor – EM-19
Maximum torque at motor: 6.2 Ncm
Motor speed range in the rated voltage range: 200 – 40,000 rpm

WS-75L G (20:1)

  • Without LED+
  • Without Electric contacts
  • With 1.8m cable

Button System Ease of operation

Set up all the steps for an implantation without difficulty by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the unit or by operating the foot control.

MEG Engine® Product Information