Root Membrane Kit

The best result of Immediate Implant Placement in esthetic zone. Save the time & See an exceptional esthetic effect. Root Membrane KIT is the answer for you!

Advantage of Root Membrane Kit

  • Best Diamond Drill for Root Membrane Technique

MegaGen’s Root Membrane Kit is made by combining the best quality of dental diamond drill technology from 50-year-old Japanese company called “Hinatawada Precision manufacturing.” The reason why MegaGen selected Hinatawada is that it is a Japanese premium diamond drill company which has been recognized as one of the world’s top class products by the philosophy of craftsmen. Also, Hinatawada has the most advanced technology for Root Membrane technique; no wabbling , cutting power, and durability that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

  • Perfect match with AnyRidge

The strong point of Root membrane technique is Immediate Implant Placement. Strong initial stability guarantees a high success rate. AnyRidge Implant system of MegaGen and Root membrane technique is in harmony with strong initial stability and fast osseointegration.