Sinus Combination Kit

Sinus Combination kit consists of components which enable both the sinus lateral approach technique and sinus crestal approach technique with one kit.

– Essential components for Sinus Lift & Elevation technique
– Convenience for users as the Sinus Combination Kit

Sinus Combination Kit consists of

01. Initial Drill: Ø1.8 Drill, Ø2.3 Drill [2EA]
02. Crestal Reamer: Ø2.8, Ø3.3, Ø3.8 [3EA]
03. Crestal Stopper: 8EA
04. Crestal Diamond Reamer: Ø2.8
05. Crestal Aqua Lift: Ø2.8 / Ø3.3 / Ø4.2
06. Aqua Hand Adapter
07. Depth Gauge
08. Lateral Stopper: 5EA
09. Lateral Reamer: Ø8.0, Ø6.5 / Ø8.0
10. Lateral Core Drill: Ø7.0
11. Lateral Diamond Reamer: Ø6.5 / Ø8.0
12. Lateral Side Drill: Ø3.0
13. Lateral Diamond Core Reamer: Ø7.0
14. Sinus Curette: 5EA